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We are asking you to support the
Clean Up Pacifica Project (CUPP)

As a Pacifica listener, you may be unaware of a series of illegal actions taken by the Pacifica National Board during the last two years. By our reading of the Pacifica Bylaws, the majority members on the board declined to hold Bylaws mandated local station board elections in 2014, illegally extended their terms of office, illegally seated two ineligible Affiliate Directors and refused proper repre- sentation on the National Board to WBAI in New York. These actions (and inaction to resolve serious matters) might risk the loss of Pacifica’s radio licenses, and force the foundation to sell major assets potentially silencing Pacfica forever.

How did this happen?
In the last few years, the faction currently in the majority has failed to improve the deficient financial reporting, declining listenership, eroding membership and lowered income of the 5 Pacifica radio stations. Pacifica financial problems are so acute that the CFO recently floated a scenario for leasing or selling our stations in as little as 60 to 90 days. So time is short if we want to prevent the destruction of Pacifica.

What have we done so far?
Because the majority national board faction has committed so many actions we think are clearly illegal – and because the risk to Pacifica’s survival is so great – several of us were so concerned that we filed formal protests with the California Attorney General, whose office has jurisdiction over public 501c3 foundations like Pacifica, leading to the Audit mentioned earlier. But that investigation could take a year or more – perhaps too late to save Pacifica. So we created the Clean Up Pacifica Project (CUPP) as an emergency measure to save Pacifica now.

CUPP’s first action was to file a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) in both the California and New York courts. These suits got lost in judicial limbo. In New York the judge ruled that the suit should be refiled in California. In California the judge requested that the suit be amended. The one positive result of these suits was that Local Board elections were conducted. We are fairly certain that those elections would not have occurred without those suits. The elections have resulted in positive results for our allies at 3 of our 5 stations. We hope that this will significantly improve the Pacifica National Board. However, there may be further Bylaws violations. For this reason we are reaching out to you so that we have a legal fund ready if we need to take emergency legal action.

Why do we need your help?
That is why we are coming to you (CUPP in hand, as it were) for your help in defraying some of those costs with a modest donation. Bernie Sanders boasts that his average donation is only $27. That would suit us fine. But any amount, no matter how small, will be of great help. So if you believe that Pacifica deserves to survive, please give as much as you can -- or as little as you must -- so we can stop this rogue board in its tracks. Believe us, every dollar helps. Thank you! Thank you!

Please donate now by clicking on the Cup.

Please contact us if you have any questions, and especially if you want to be on a local station board in your city. We also need your help with outreach, legal, and recruitment.

To send us an email click here .

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